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A federal case originates when an individual is accused of violating a federal criminal statute. The United States Attorney usually has the decision to bring charges before the prosecuting attorney… Read More

A recent Missouri Court of Appeals decision states that a sobriety checkpoint is not unconstitutional as long as officers don’t have unconstrained discretion. Generally, there is a requirement of (1)… Read More

October 5, 2016

H|W on Fox for Stop & Frisk

Channel 11 (KPLR) and Channel 2 (KTVI) news interviewed Attorney Mick Henderson this week regarding the constitutionality of Stop and Frisk. It has been brought up in recent Presidential Debates… Read More

Recently, H|W attorney Mick Henderson went on KMOX radio to discuss when “Stop & Frisk” can be used by law enforcement. He also discussed the “Stop & Frisk” policy that… Read More

Illinois Nursing Discipline Lawyer | Nurse License Attorney What do nursing discipline lawyers do? In Illinois, a nursing license is controlled by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation… Read More

St. Louis Municipal Laws for Stealing and Larceny There are many different ordinances enforcing stealing and petty larceny crimes throughout the St. Louis area due to the various municipalities in… Read More

New Festus Missouri Ordinance Regarding Fighting Charges The rules for fighting charges have changed. Have you ever been involved in an altercation where you had the option to press charges?… Read More

Missouri Department of Social Services Child Abuse Investigations When the Missouri Department of Social Services launches child abuse investigations, they investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. The Child… Read More

Missouri Float Trips, Arrests, & Criminal Charges As the anticipated time for water activities has arrived, many people will be heading to the lakes and rivers in and around Missouri…. Read More

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Steps Up MIP Enforcement Now that summer concert season is in full-swing at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (also commonly referred to as Riverport Amphitheatre) located in Maryland Heights,… Read More

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