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Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Steps Up MIP Enforcement | Maryland Heights Criminal Lawyer

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Steps Up MIP Enforcement

Now that summer concert season is in full-swing at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (also commonly referred to as Riverport Amphitheatre) located in Maryland Heights, Missouri, law enforcement has stepped up its MIP enforcement. Maryland Heights police department will likely issue hundreds of MIP citations this summer to underage individuals for consuming or possessing alcohol.

It is common for police officers to patrol the parking lots before, during, and after concerts to catch underage drinkers. It is important to understand your rights if a police officer approaches you. You should always politely decline making any statements or admissions to a police officer. However, if you find yourself arrested or cited with MIP, you should immediately contact a St. Louis MIP lawyer. The City of Maryland Heights is located in St. Louis County.

The Maryland Heights MIP lawyers of Henderson & Waterkotte, P.C. have successfully handled hundreds of MIP cases. We can help prevent you from taking a license suspension and will work hard to get the charge reduced. We also adhere to strict confidentiality and will not disclose the nature of the case to anyone else, including your parents. In most cases, we accept a flat fee for our representation and are willing to work out a payment plan to help you get the situation resolved. If you or a friend has received a citation for MIP, call our office today to schedule a free consultation.