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Missouri Float Trips, Arrests, & Criminal Charges | Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyer

Missouri Float Trips, Arrests, & Criminal Charges

As the anticipated time for water activities has arrived, many people will be heading to the lakes and rivers in and around Missouri. With this comes the activity of float trips. As they may prove to be fun, many can find themselves charged with a crime while on location. Many areas, such as Huzzah River & Crawford County, will increase its patrol during times of high activity, specifically looking for underage drinking, altercations to arise, or possession of drugs. With high police activity, you can end up with assault, MIP, public intoxication, or drug charges. Another charge commonly given as a result of these float trips is driving while intoxicated (DWI). These can occur when campers decide to leave the property in their vehicles. See our DWI page for more information and to learn about the 20 minute period a suspected drunk driver has to contact an attorney.

If you find yourself in a situation where a police officer begins to suspect you of any such activity, it is important to know your rights. While you should be respectful, you can decline to make any admissions or statements to the police. However, if you should be arrested or cited with a criminal charge you should immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer.