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Missouri Nurse Lawyer | Board Investigation Attorney The Board of Nursing Says I’m Under Investigation, What Should I do? The Missouri Board of Nursing will investigate a nurse’s license for… Read More

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Missouri Sentencing Guidelines on “ Dangerous Felonies ” In Missouri, Section 556.061 classifies certain criminal offenses as “dangerous felonies.” Offenses deemed as “dangerous felonies” carry with it a requirement that… Read More

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City of Maplewood Police Adds Public Surveillance Video The City of Maplewood Police Department, which is located in St. Louis County, have added public surveillance video within Ryan Hummert Memorial Park…. Read More

Out of Court Statements From Children Under Fourteen | St. Louis Criminal Lawyer When are out of court statements from children admissible? In a Missouri criminal case, there are certain… Read More

St. Louis Mardi Gras Yields Arrests – 70 Total | St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer St. Louis Mardi Gras yields arrests, but how did it compare to past years? This… Read More

Kirkwood, Missouri Steps Up Enforcement of Prostitution Ordinance Enforcement of Prostitution Ordinance is up in Missouri. Recently there has been a wave of arrests in the City of Kirkwood in… Read More

Arrested for DWI: Now What? | St. Louis DWI Defense Lawyer If you have been arrested for DWI, you may be experiencing a variety of emotions and understandably so. You… Read More

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