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MO & IL Federal Criminal Charges

A federal case originates when an individual is accused of violating a federal criminal statute. The United States Attorney usually has the decision to bring charges before the prosecuting attorney in the county where the alleged crime occurred. However, it is possible to have dual prosecutions (both pick up the case).

If charges are filed after an investigation, the circumstances surrounding the case will help determine if the defendant will be allowed to do a voluntary turn in and if he or she will be released on bail.

Some of the major case types brought in federal court are as follows:

Smaller cases can be brought in federal court and are handled by the petty crimes division. Typically, these crimes take place on federal grounds (i.e. the Arch grounds). These include:

The specific steps of litigation in federal court can be strict and confusing. This includes the process of the detention hearing to sentencing hearings (or trial). If you are under investigation or currently charged in Federal criminal court in Missouri or Illinois, contact a H|W attorney to discuss your rights. We are available 24/7 at 314-645-4400.