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Illinois Nursing License Lawyer | Nursing Discipline Attorney

Illinois Nursing Discipline Lawyer | Nurse License Attorney

What do nursing discipline lawyers do?

In Illinois, a nursing license is controlled by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). If a nurse has violated a section of the Nurse Practices Act, the IDFPR will issue a complaint. This complaint is usually a request in regards to the nurse’s license. Some examples of allegations are:

It is important to have an experienced attorney assist you in addressing a complaint. From the moment it is received proper action must be taken. This includes requesting evidence packets, formally answering the complaint, and interviewing witnesses. After that, there may be a preliminary hearing, informal conferences, and/or a formal administrative hearing. Each one of these steps is a critical point in the process. Some can be completed through teleconference, and others may take place in our downtown location.

If you or a loved one is under investigation by the IDFPR or has been issued a complaint, Henderson & Waterkotte, P.C. can help. Attorney Mick Henderson, a member of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, has a successful track record of assisting nurses by preventing public discipline, suspension, revocation, or any discipline at all. Call us anytime for a free consultation and to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.