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Nursing Board Discipline

There is a specific, and sometimes lengthy, process when the Missouri Board of Nursing seeks to discipline a nurse’s license. Once an investigator completes his or her investigation into an alleged violation of the Missouri Nursing Practices Act, the results of the investigation will be submitted to the Board of Nursing for review. If the nursing board decides to pursue discipline against the nurse’s license, the nurse can either enter into a negotiated agreement or have a contested hearing in front of the Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC).

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What happens when I am facing discipline against my Nursing License?

It is highly recommended to have experienced counsel at every stage nursing discipline proceedings. Your rights need to be protected. This includes obtaining witness statements, hiring expert witnesses, analyzing relevant facts against applicable law, and negotiating with the nursing board. You cannot be expected to handle everything on your own. You need an experienced lawyer by your side who knows your rights and will fight to protect them.

If the AHC rules the nurse’s license can be subjected to discipline, there is a right of judicial review. However, this judicial review has certain time limitations. You must act quickly. If the judicial review ruling is still adverse to the nurse’s interest, there is a right of appeal to the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals is also governed by strict time limitations.

Our lawyers work tirelessly for clients facing discipline from the Missouri Board of Nursing and have mitigated or completely prevented possible discipline. Further, we work to overturn incorrect rulings though the appellate process. Should you need an attorney during any stage of the nursing discipline process, please call us anytime at 314-645-4400 to discuss how we can assist you.

Illinois Nursing Discipline Lawyer | Nurse License Attorney

Nursing Discipline cases can In Illinois, a nurse’s license is governed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). If a nurse is alleged to have violated a section of the Nurse Practices Act, the IDFPR will issue a complaint requesting action on the nurse’s license. Some of the allegations that can cause a complaint to be filed are as follows:

  • Improper administration of medicine
  • Working while impaired
  • Diverting medications
  • Failure to report employment discharge
  • Violating patient privacy

It is important to have an experienced nursing license attorney assist you in addressing a complaint from the moment it is received. This includes requesting evidence packets, formally answering the complaint, and interviewing witnesses. After that, there may be a preliminary hearing, informal conferences, and/or a formal administrative hearing. Each one of these junctures is a critical point in the process. Some can be completed through teleconference, and others take place in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

If you or a loved one is under investigation by the IDFPR or has been issued a complaint, Henderson Law Group can help. Attorney Mick Henderson, a member of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys, has a successful track record of assisting nurses by preventing public discipline, suspension, revocation, or any discipline at all. Call us anytime for a free consultation and to discuss how we can be of assistance to you.

Nursing, Teacher, Pharmacist Defense Attorney

If you are at risk of losing your administrative license, you need to act quickly.

Often the careers of professionals are put at risk due to a run in with the criminal justice system or other reported mishaps. Missouri has many different administrative boards that can take action against an individual that holds a license issued by that specific board. For instance, if a nurse has been caught under the influence of marijuana or committing an act of dishonesty the Missouri Board of Nursing may impose some type of disciplinary action on the nurse’s license. Obviously, that license is what secures that nurses income and needs to be protected at all costs.

Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission

The administrative hearing commission is the parent body of administrative boards and will oversee any hearings which cannot be resolved at the board level. Henderson Law Group will defend allegations against you by the following licensing boards:

  • Board of Nursing (Nurse)
  • Board of Chiropractic Examiners (Chiropractor)
  • Board of Pharmacy (Pharmacist)
  • Board of Cosmetology
  • Board of Healing Arts (Therapists/Trainer)
  • Board of Education (Teachers)
  • Board of Social Services
  • Division of Alcohol and Tobacco (Liquor License)

Criminal Charges and Professional License Revocation

As mentioned above, criminal charges against you may result in action by your licensing board. It is imperative that both your licensing action and the criminal matter be handled with care to vigorously defend against any criminal penalties and mitigate the effects on your professional license, which may include strict probation, suspension, or revocation of your license. Therefore, it is important to contact an aggressive and experienced criminal defense and administrative hearing lawyer that can handle your licensing action and your criminal charge.

The attorneys at Henderson Law Group practice regularly in criminal courts around the greater St. Louis area and can provide an experienced and skilled defense team to protect your rights and your administrative license. Call 314-645-4400 to set up your free consultation. Our lawyers are available 24/7.

The Board of Nursing Says I’m Under Investigation, What Should I do?

The Missouri Board of Nursing will investigate a nurse’s license for many different reasons. Reasons for an investigation can include falsification of reports or client charts, positive drug tests, a felony conviction, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs at work, stealing prescription medication, among others. Whatever the reason for the investigation, the Board will typically start the process by having an investigator send the nurse a letter vaguely describing the reason for the investigation and requesting the nurse make a statement.

It is critical for a nurse to seek representation from an attorney before returning a written statement to the investigator. This statement, along with other evidence obtained by the investigator, will be presented to the Board so that it can be determined if the Board is going to open a case for discipline against the nurse’s license. While the nurse still has due process rights if the Board decides to move forward, an effective and succinctly written initial statement can make sure the nurse is not hurting his or her case. Further, it could increase the chances of the investigation ending.

If you have a nursing license and are under investigation, call the Missouri and Illinois nursing license attorneys at Henderson Law Group to discuss your options and how we can assist you in keeping your nursing license free from discipline.

If you are being investigated or have been charged with any nursing discipline offenses, it is vital that you seek aggressive and skilled representation from the outset. The lawyers at Henderson Law Group stand ready to defend your freedom. Call 314.645.4400 today to schedule a free consultation.

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