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Assault 1st Degree and Burglary

Probation; No Jail Time

Henderson Law Group represented a Florissant woman on charges of assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree, and burglary in the first degree in St. Louis County Circuit Court.  The state alleged that our client entered her ex-boyfriend’s home in the middle of the night and cooked hot grease to a boil and then dumped it on the sleeping victims.  One victim sustained serious burns on her chest, legs, and arms and had to undergo countless surgeries. From the outset, we mounted an aggressive defense.  After three bond hearings, we were finally able to get our client released on a property bond. Due to the overwhelming evidence against our client, we advised our client to plead guilty.  After our client’s plea of guilty the court set the matter for a sentencing hearing.  At the sentencing hearing, the state argued for a 20-year term of imprisonment.  On the other hand, we offered substantial mitigation evidence, including our client’s psychologist’s testimony, and argued for probation.  After lengthy arguments, the court suspended all prison time and granted our client probation.

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