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Public Surveillance Video Added In Maplewood

City of Maplewood Police Adds Public Surveillance Video

The City of Maplewood Police Department, which is located in St. Louis County, have added public surveillance video within Ryan Hummert Memorial Park. The cameras will keep an eye on passing vehicles and pedestrians. The video cameras will also give police video evidence should crime occur there. Police officers are able to view the video feed from multiple monitors throughout the police department. Unlike past video surveillance in public, these cameras are high definition and can pick up very specific details. The detailed images can come in handy when dealing with crime in the area, another added benefit to residents of the area. Eventually, the department hopes to have monitors installed in police vehicles so that officers can view the park while on patrol elsewhere. The department also hopes to add cameras in other locations throughout the city.

The addition of these cameras in the City of Maplewood adds a extra layer of security for park goers. Hopefully, this will bring peace of mind to residents of Maplewood as well.

What do you think of this move? Ryan Hummert Memorial Park is one of two city parks chosen to receive a camera. In similar situations, video surveillance cameras have reduced crime by up to 20%. It can also help police gather details of a crime scene after the fact. Will having public surveillance video help improve the city of Maplewood?