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What Does This Mean? Oftentimes, after an arrest, a defendant is briefly taken into custody, booked, and then released pending application of warrant.  This means that a defendant has not… Read More

Missouri Search Warrant Application Requirements In order to obtain a search warrant, a law enforcement officer must apply to a judge. There are several requirements that Missouri law dictates when… Read More

How Possession is (or isn’t) Proven in Criminal Court Possession of a controlled substance can either be a misdemeanor or a felony in Missouri. Its classification depends on the type… Read More

Testifying in Your Own Case In any criminal case, a defendant has a 5th Amendment constitutional right to testify in his own case or refuse to testify.  This is often… Read More

Underage Alcohol Enforcement Around Colleges The St. Louis area certainly has its fair share of colleges and universities. To name a few: UMSL, SLU, WashU, Webster University, St. Louis Community… Read More

March 23, 2017

Double Jeopardy

What is Double Jeopardy? The Missouri and U.S. Constitutions prohibits the government from subjecting a person from being tried for the same offense after once being acquitted. In short, this… Read More

Understanding Chain of Custody in a Criminal Case The chain of custody of evidence is one of the most important aspects of investigating the government’s case against a criminal defendant…. Read More

Why Two Court Systems? Many people in the state of Missouri get confused why we have a municipal court system and a state court system.  Generally speaking, municipal courts operate… Read More

Closing Arguments: What is Free Speech? In this episode, H|W attorneys discuss the First Amendment, including the Mizzou students arrested for anti-Semitic speech, flag burning, the KKK, and what constitutes… Read More

March 8, 2017

Civil Asset Forfeiture

How Does Asset Forfeiture Work? Under the Missouri Civil Asset Forfeiture Act (CAFA), any property that is used in or derived from criminal activity may be forfeited. Seems reasonable, right?… Read More

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