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Many of the current blog postings are related to the 4th Amendment, protection from unlawful searches and seizures. In the previous “When is the 4th Amendment Applied?” post, the first… Read More

Federal law, FED. R. EVID. 801(d)(2)(E), makes a statement by a co-conspirator during the course of, and in furtherance of, a conspiracy admissible against the defendant. A conspiracy is defined as… Read More

Non-Coverage of Place (Other Country) As previously discussed, the 4th Amendment protects US citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. There are 10 categories with various subcategories to acknowledge when contemplating… Read More

April 11, 2018

Search & Seizure

Reasonable v. Unreasonable Search? In the last blog post we discussed the basics of the 4th Amendment which governs searches and seizures. To recap, the 4th Amendment protects US citizens… Read More

Search & Seizure There are 27 Amendments in the United States Constitution. The first 10 are referred to as the Bill of Rights. In this post we will be discussing… Read More

Felon-in-Possession Charge Used for Felony Murder In a past blog we described what felony murder is in Missouri. To recap, under Missouri statutes, if an individual commits or attempts to… Read More

New Law Forces Hundreds of Sex Offenders to Wear GPS Device In 2017, the Missouri Criminal Code was substantially revised for the first time in decades.  With the countless changes,… Read More

What is the Diminished Capacity Defense in Missouri? In Missouri, there are two defenses available to the accused that are often confused. They are Insanity and Diminished Capacity. The first… Read More

Closing Arguments: Drinking Age in USA H|W attorneys discuss why the drinking age is set at 21 and explore if that should be changed. Many countries have the age set… Read More

Increase in MIP Cases in Maryland Heights As summer approaches, thousands of concertgoers will once again make their way to Maryland Heights Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.  The popular concert venue will… Read More

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