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Weapon Violation

Jefferson County, MO Weapon Violation Lawyer

In Missouri, a state or federal weapons violation charge can have serious consequences, including jail time, a stiff fine, and a permanent criminal record. In addition to the serious penalties you face, one weapon violation charge may prevent you from owning a firearm in the future. A permanent criminal record may result in the loss of your job and impair your abiliWeapon Violationty to obtain future employment. Fortunately, if you have been charged with a weapon violation in Missouri, you have rights. At Henderson Law Group, our St. Louis weapon violations lawyers will zealously and aggressively fight to protect your rights and defend your freedom.

Types of Weapon Violations Our Defense Attorneys Handle

The criminal defense attorneys of Henderson Law Group handle the following criminal charges involving a weapon:

Often, an individual is charged with a weapon violation in conjunction with another felony crime such as burglary, assault, robbery, or homicide. In such cases, the use of a deadly weapon is a criminal offense in itself, but a weapon charge may also be used to enhance the punishment or prison sentence for the offender.

Defending a Weapon Violation

At Henderson Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys begin each case with a careful and thorough investigation of all the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest. We will determine whether the actions of investigators and police officers violated your constitutional rights. We will scrutinize any informants that may have been used. Our St. Louis weapon violations lawyer will work hard for you from start to finish.

Contact a St. Louis Weapon Violation Lawyer

Contact the St. Louis weapon violation attorneys of Henderson Law Group today for a free consultation. We will not only explain the criminal process to you, but also answer any questions you may have. From the start, we will work hard for you, while aggressively protecting your rights and defending your freedom. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.