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A Teenager Charged with First-Degree Murder

A Teenager Charged with First-Degree Murder

July 24, 2012- A teenager of St. Louis, Missouri has been charged with first degree murder and armed criminal action.

An armed criminal action charge is one of the many weapon violations covered by Missouri law. Often an individual is charged with a weapon violation in conjunction with another felony crime such as burglary, assault, robbery or homicide. In such cases, the use of a deadly weapon is a criminal offense in itself. It may also be used to enhance the punishment or prison sentence for the offender. This holds true in this case as the teen’s weapon charge is in conjunction with a first degree murder charge.

In Missouri, the law distinguishes between first degree murder and second degree murder. First degree murder is the most serious charge an individual can face. It is defined as “knowingly” causing the death of another “after deliberation.”

The teen told police that he shot the victim after the victim and his friend pulled guns on him and demanded property. However, witnesses stated that the teenager grabbed a rifle and shot while the two men were fleeing.

The teen is being held in jail without bail. If convicted, a first degree murder charge may carry the possibility of facing the death penalty.