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Driving While Suspended

St. Louis Driving While Suspended Lawyer

A charge of driving while revoked or driving while suspended can have a devastating impact by subjecting you to a hefty fine, a longer suspension or revocation period, and even jail time.

An individual’s driver’s license may be suspended or revoked for a variety of reasons. A judge may issue a driver’s license suspension order due to an individual’s failure to comply with a court order, failure to pay child support, failure to pay parking tickets, and/or failure to appear in court. The Missouri Department of Revenue may also administratively suspend a driver’s license. This typically occurs as a result of a driver accumulating too many points within a certain period of time for moving violations.

Accumulation of Points on Your Driving Record

If you accumulate a total of 4 points in 12 months, the Missouri Department of Revenue will send you a point accumulation advisory letter. This letter essentially serves as a warning to notify you that you are approaching the limit for the maximum points allowed on your driving record before you are suspended.

If you accumulate a total of 8 or more points in 18 months, your driving privilege will be suspended. Below are the consequences for accumulating 8 points in 18 months:

Your driving privilege will be revoked for one year if you accumulate:

Penalties for Driving While Suspended/Revoked

A conviction of driving while suspended/revoked may be a misdemeanor offense or a felony offense, depending on the specific circumstances. A first offense of driving while suspended/revoked is classified as a Class D misdemeanor in Missouri. A second or third offense will be charged as a Class A misdemeanor.  Any subsequent offense can be charged as a Class E felony.

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