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Child Molestation

Jefferson County, MO Child Molestation Lawyer

A conviction for child molestation in Missouri can be crippling to not only your future but also your freedom. Suffice it to say, if you or a loved one is facing a charge for fondling, touching, or otherwise molesting a child, you need an experienced and aggressive St. Louis child molestation attorney in your corner fighting for you.

Defending Child Molestation Charges in Missouri

There are varying degrees of child molestation offenses ranging from child molestation in the first degree, which is a class A felony, to child molestation in the fourth degree, which is a class E felony.  The defendant’s and the alleged victim’s age are, in most cases, the factors used to determine which degree of child molestation an individual is charged with.

The St. Louis child molestation lawyers at Henderson Law Group understand the stress one is facing if charged with a sex crime such as child molestation. A conviction for child molestation may mean the loss of freedom, lifetime registration, and other adverse consequences in the community due to the stigma of a child molestation charge. An individual’s right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty is precisely why we aggressively defend and fight for clients facing charges of child molestation.

Our St. Louis, Missouri child molestation lawyers consult with any necessary experts and doctors to aid in our defense. We also take depositions of any witnesses that the state may at use at trial in its attempt to secure a conviction. Ultimately, after a thorough investigation in which we leave no stone unturned, we stand ready to proceed to trial if the state isn’t offering our client an acceptable plea offer to mitigate the consequences of a child molestation charge.

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