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Property Damage

St. Louis Property Damage Lawyer

A destruction of property charge can be classified either as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of damage. In either case, it is important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to mount a vigorous defense on your behalf. A property damage charge can carry with it jail time, fines, and restitution.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor Property Damage

An individual will be charged with property damage in the first degree, a Class E felony, when the alleged damage is more than $750. However, an individual can be charged with a Class D felony of property damage in the first degree if he or she knowingly damages a motor vehicle of another while making entry into the motor vehicle to commit the offense of stealing. Property damage in the second degree includes any amount of damage less than $750 and is a Class B misdemeanor.

While a felony charge is a more serious charge than a misdemeanor, a misdemeanor destruction of property charge can also carry with it some serious consequences. It is critical that you hire an experienced St. Louis, Missouri property damage lawyer to defend your interests from the outset. Our attorneys will work tirelessly to mitigate the consequences a property damage charge can have on you.

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