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Have you been arrested for burglary? Are you being investigated for burglary? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it is vital that you seek the immediate help of a qualified and skilled criminal defense attorney. A burglary conviction can have a devastating impact on your freedom and your future. At Henderson Law Group, we can help protect your rights and defend your freedom.

Burglary is often confused and misunderstood with robbery and theft. Frequently, individuals believe that burglary, robbery, and theft are the same charge and therefore are interchangeable terms. This is not true. Burglary, like robbery and theft, is a distinct and unique charge that requires certain elements of proof in order to gain a conviction.

What Constitutes Burglary in Missouri

In Missouri, all burglaries are felony crimes that carry severe punishments if convicted. Under Missouri law, burglary is either classified as burglary in the first degree of burglary in the second degree.

A person commits the crime of burglary in the second degree when he or she knowingly enters unlawfully or knowingly remains unlawfully in a building or inhabitable structure for the purpose of committing a crime therein. This is a Class C felony in Missouri.

A person may be charged with burglary in the first degree if he or she commits the crime of burglary in the second degree and additionally, the person is armed with a weapon; or the person causes or threatens injury to another person; or another person is present in the building or inhabitable structure. This is a Class B felony in Missouri.

Defending a Burglary Charge in Missouri

A strong defense begins with an aggressive and thorough investigation of all the facts surrounding your arrest. In order to gain a conviction for burglary, the prosecution must prove many elements. At Henderson Law Group, our careful analysis of these issues could provide us with one or more possible defense strategies.

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At Henderson Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys provide strong and aggressive defense against burglary charges for clients throughout Missouri and Illinois. We are committed to seeing that every client gets powerful representation and the best possible outcome. We are available 24/7 to discuss your specific case.