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Probation Termination

Jefferson County, MO Termination of Probation Attorney

If you or a loved one is placed on probation, it may be possible to terminate the probation period. In most misdemeanor cases where probation is given to the defendant, the period of probation will typically be two years. On the other hand, most felony probation periods in Missouri are five years. Probation often places many restrictions on defendants that can make finding a job, going to school, or moving out of state difficult. If you have been placed on probation, it may be possible to petition the court to terminate your probation.

How Can I Get My Probation Terminated?

It is solely in the judge’s discretion to terminate your probation in Missouri. If you have served a portion of the probation period and met your other obligations while on probation, it may make you a qualified candidate to have probation terminated.

During a termination of probation proceeding, the judge may allow the probation officer and the prosecutor to present their views on a termination. Additionally, the St. Louis termination of probation lawyers of Henderson Law Group can present evidence and make arguments as to why probation should be terminated.

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