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Parole Violation

St. Louis, MO Parole Violation Attorney

Parole is the process where the Missouri Board of Probation releases an offender from confinement after serving a portion of his or her sentence. Parole is not a matter of right. In fact, it is typically earned by demonstrating good behavior while confined in prison. The parole board determines whether placement in a residential facility, community release center, or on electronic monitoring is appropriate. The board also establishes special conditions in order to address an offender’s specific needs. If these conditions are violated, the parole board will typically revoke parole, and the violator will be imprisoned.

If released on parole, an individual must abide by the following conditions:

It is imperative that an individual released from incarceration on parole strictly adhere to all conditions and terms of their release. One violation may send you back to prison. A new criminal charge not only can send you back to prison, but it can also add additional time to your term of incarceration.

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