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Police Brutality

What is Police Brutality and What Are My Rights?

Officers of the law are allowed to use reasonable and necessary force in making an arrest. However, there are times when police officers use excessive force in making an arrest, after an arrest, or make an arrest without adequate cause. This is a violation of state and federal law and could result in a lawsuit against the offending officer and the jurisdiction he or she works for.  These types of lawsuits involve a high degree of discovery and investigation in order to overcome typical testimony that the injured citizen was resisting arrest or violating a certain law.

Types of Injury from Unreasonable Force in an Arrest

An unreasonable arrest can result in a number of different injuries:

These injuries can be caused by choke holds, slamming to the ground, twisting of the limbs, throwing around while hand cuffed, shooting, police dogs, punching, kicking, etc.

In addition, there are serious mental scars left when unfairly abused by a person in authority. While most law enforcement officers follow rules and constitutional protections, when an officer goes over the deep end it can cause a lifetime of damage to a person’s physical and mental well-being.

Contact Experienced Advocates for Your Claim

Henderson Law Group is committed to holding police accountable for excessive force and brutality. We bring light to abusive officers and help victims obtain validation and monetary damages for their medical care, lost income, lasting disability, and pain and suffering.

Henderson Law Group has practiced for a decade in criminal defense and personal injury and this gives us a unique advantage in these types of cases involving injury and the police. Call us anytime at 314-645-4400 to discuss how we can assist you with your excessive force claim. There are certain time limits in which you can file these types of claims so it is extremely important to call as soon as possible after the incident. We offer a free consultation so that we can better understand your situation.