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Order of Protection Appeal

St. Louis, Missouri Protective Order Appeal Attorney

Often when someone has been served with an Ex Parte Order of Protection they make the mistake of not hiring a lawyer or hiring the wrong lawyer. This can lead to a permanent order of protection being placed on you.

If you have recently had an order of protection hearing and lost, you have a right to file an appeal with the Missouri Court of Appeals. However, it is vital that you act quickly due to the time constraints in which you are allowed to file an appeal following a judgment being entered against you.

An order of protection can have lifelong consequences on you. It can prevent you from certain types of employment, create a strain on family relationships, and prevent you from possessing a firearm.

Order of Protection Appeal Process

If you have lost an order of protection hearing, you have a statutory right to file an appeal. Once an appeal has been filed on your behalf, a transcript of the hearing will be ordered. Our Missouri order of protection appeals lawyers will then carefully scrutinize the transcript to form the basis of our appeal. Finally, we will draft a legal brief detailing why the trial judge made the incorrect decision and subsequently argue these issues in front of the Missouri Court of Appeals judges.

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At Henderson Law Group, our attorneys have successfully appealed order of protection cases to the Missouri Court of Appeals and have had the orders of protection vacated. We have a track record of success in appealing cases to a higher court. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help fight for you.