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Nursing Board Discipline Overview

What happens when I am facing discipline against my Nursing License?

It is highly recommended to have experienced counsel at every stage nursing discipline proceedings. Your rights need to be protected. This includes obtaining witness statements, hiring expert witnesses, analyzing relevant facts against applicable law, and negotiating with the nursing board. You cannot be expected to handle everything on your own. You need an experienced lawyer by your side who knows your rights and will fight to protect them.

If the AHC rules the nurse’s license can be subjected to discipline, there is a right of judicial review. However, this judicial review has certain time limitations. You must act quickly. If the judicial review ruling is still adverse to the nurse’s interest, there is a right of appeal to the Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals is also governed by strict time limitations.

Our lawyers work tirelessly for clients facing discipline from the Missouri Board of Nursing and have mitigated or completely prevented possible discipline. Further, we work to overturn incorrect rulings though the appellate process. Should you need an attorney during any stage of the nursing discipline process, please call us anytime at 314-645-4400 to discuss how we can assist you.