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Disorderly Conduct

Missouri & Illinois Criminal Defense Law Firm

Although a disorderly conduct charge, also referred to as disturbing the peace, may seem like a relatively minor criminal violation, it can cause significant heartache in your life. Consequences for a disorderly conduct charge may include jail time, fines, community service, and probation. Therefore, it is important that anyone facing a charge for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct seek out an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney. At Henderson Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys will aggressively fight to keep a disorderly conduct charge off of your record.

Police officers will generally arrest an individual for disorderly conduct for disturbing the peace in a public area. A person charged with disorderly conduct in Missouri is typically alleged to have engaged in loud, disruptive, or indecent behavior. This can include actions such as fighting, making offensive gestures or threats, or otherwise acting in a violent or reckless manner in public. Frequently, disorderly conduct charges occur at large public gatherings, concerts, bars, and sporting events.

Disorderly conduct is often very difficult to prove in court. At Henderson Law Group, we carefully analyze all the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest for disorderly conduct to determine our best defense. In some cases, we will employ our negotiation skills in an attempt to reduce the charge to a lesser offense. At Henderson Law Group, our main goal is to keep our clients out of jail and help them to avoid criminal convictions, while minimizing the consequences of a disorderly conduct charge.