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Limited Driving Privileges

Limited Driving Privileges

Limited driving privileges (LDP), also known as a hardship license, may be available to you if your license has been revoked due to an alcohol-related charge or for failure to submit to a chemical test.

Depending upon the circumstances, if you have been cited for failing a breath test or for refusing to take a breath test, you may qualify for limited driving privileges. If you have been arrested for a first-time DWI where you failed a breath test, your license will be suspended for 90 days. However, a driver can receive limited driving privileges for the last 60 days of the suspension period so long as he or she files an SR-22 affidavit with the Department of Revenue. Limited driving privileges will allow you to drive to work, school, and alcohol education or treatment purposes. If you have been arrested for DWI and refused a breath test, a limited driving privilege may be available after the first 90 days of a 1 year revocation period.

If you are serving a 5 year license denial, you may apply for limited driving privileges after serving 2 of the 5 years of revocation. If you are serving a 10 year license denial, you may apply for limited driving privileges after serving 3 of the 10 years of revocation. However, to be eligible for limited driving privileges, you must meet specific criteria as set forth by the Department of Revenue. Lastly, if you have been convicted of any felony, including felony DWI, involving the use of a motor vehicle, you will not be eligible to receive limited driving privileges.

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