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Convicted Serial Killer Pays Millions in Restitution

What started out as a normal day for Kala Brown quickly turned into anyone’s worst nightmare. Ms. Brown and her boyfriend, Charles David Carver, went missing in 2016 in South Carolina. The two went to Todd Kohlhepp’s property for a cleaning job. Now a convicted serial killer, Kohlhepp killed Carver and chained Brown in a storage container for over two months. Upon receipt of a tip, police searched Kohlhepp’s property and heard loud banging coming from inside the container.

Police located three bodies on Kohlhepp’s property, and he later confessed to a quadruple homicide from 2003. During his trial, “he plead guilty and is serving seven consecutive life sentences plus 60 years, without the possibility of parole.”

Due to the nature of Kohlhepp’s case, there were both criminal and civil cases filed. The criminal case ended with a guilty verdict and incarceration. The civil claims were filed by Kohlhepp’s victims family. “Brown sued Kohlhepp for assault, battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence…” Brown initially sued for $360 million in damages, but was issued $6.3 million in compensation “as a form of closure for her, so that she may continue the long road of putting this terrifying chapter of her life behind her and move forward in recovery.” Another victims family will be receiving $26 million in damages.