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Sentencing Factors in a Missouri Criminal Case

In Missouri, a criminal case can end three different ways. By plea, trial, or dismissal. If you are subject to sentencing by a judge, there are several different sentencing factors that a judge might use.

Generally, these sentencing factors are split into two categories: Aggravating factors and mitigating factors. An experienced criminal defense attorney should go through these factors with his or her client. These can be used not only for sentencing arguments and expectations, but for plea negotiations with the prosecutor.

Aggravating Sentencing Factors

Mitigating Factors in Sentencing

Sentencing Arguments by Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is important that all factors of mitigation be explored early in any case by a criminal attorney so that they can be used in negotiation and sentencing preparation should the case go that route. If you are under investigation for a crime or have already been charged, contact a H|W attorney to begin your defense immediately.