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Criminal Diversion Programs: What Are They?

Missouri Criminal Diversion Programs

A criminal diversion of a charge is a way of keeping a criminal conviction off your record.  For example, someone charged with a criminal offense may be eligible for a diversion-type program in which they attend anger management, attend an alcohol or drug class, or complete community service in exchange for a dismissal of the criminal charge pending against you.

Many courts throughout St. Louis have diversion programs, such as DWI court or drug court.  In some cases, even when alcohol and drugs were not involved, a diversion or a deferred prosecution may still be possible.  This may mean completing a certain number of community service hours, attending anger management, or a theft offender program.  In exchange for successful completion of the required programs, classes, or community service hours, the prosecutor dismisses the criminal charge.  This is often a very effective way to handle a criminal case without having to plea guilty or running the risk of going to trial.

Many courts have implemented the use of diversion programs, such as St. Louis City.  St. Louis City Circuit Court refers to its diversion programs as Felony Redirect Program or Misdemeanor Redirect Program.  Many criminal defendants are eligible for the Redirect Program in St. Louis City.

St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney

The St. Louis criminal defense team at Henderson & Waterkotte, P.C. has successfully negotiated countless diversions or deferred prosecutions throughout Missouri courts.  This has enabled our clients to keep their criminal record clean and not have any repercussions on their job.  Contact us today to learn more about a diversion on your pending criminal case.