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Police Officer Faces Charges of Domestic Assault

Ladue Police Officer Facing Charges of Domestic Assault

August 9, 2012- A Ladue Police Officer faces charges of domestic assault with misdemeanor domestic assault Tuesday. The incident allegedly happened Monday night.

Victims of domestic assault are often unwilling to to cooperate or testify against the accused. This may be due to fear or intimidation. Therefore, prosecutors take the decision out of the victim’s hands. Missouri prosecutors adopt a no-drop policy on domestic assault cases. This means that even if a victim asks for a case to be dismissed, the prosecutor will not dismiss criminal charges against the defendant. They often have enough evidence to proceed without the victim’s help. Prosecutors will rely on witness statements, 911 audio tapes, statements made by the alleged victim to police and other hearsay evidence.

In this case, sources say the police officer pushed and punched his girlfriend.

These claims will be used to build a case against the Ladue Police Officer. St. Louis county police responded to the home at about 11:40 p.m. Monday after a third party reported the disturbance.

In many instances of domestic assault in Missouri, individuals are also frequently charged with assault in the 3rd degree. The consequences of these charges can be very severe.