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Police Officer is Hospitalized During Pursuit

A St. Louis City Police Officer is Hospitalized and a Gunman is Dead

July 10, 2012- A St. Louis City police officer is hospitalized after flipping his car during a criminal pursuit.

The incident started when officers were called to the scene of a home invasion. Three suspects allegedly broke into a home and duct-taped the resident’s hands, feet and mouth before robbing him. When police arrived, one of the suspects began shooting at the police officers. After an exchange of gunfire, several suspects fled the scene. This led to a pursuit. Officers, including the SWAT team, searched the area for the suspects. Two of the suspects were found in a drainage ditch shortly after.

No police officers were injured in the gunfire. Unfortunately, a fellow police officer flipped his car during the pursuit. This police officer is hospitalized and expected to be okay.

One of the suspects was hit during the gunfire.

No information has been released on charges. However, these suspects will face a significant amount of jail time, stiff fines, and permanent criminal records. Possible charges include first-degree robbery, assault on a law enforcement officer, first-degree burglary, armed criminal action charges, and more.

Updates on this story will be available here.