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What is SATOP? | St. Louis DWI Defense Lawyer

What is SATOP? | St. Louis DWI Defense Lawyer

In many DWI cases in Missouri, completion of SATOP is required in order to get your license reinstated or as a mandatory condition of probation. SATOP is an acronym for Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program. There are various SATOP service providers throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

If you must complete SATOP, the first step is to contact a SATOP provider and set-up an initial assessment screening. The screening consists of a Missouri Department of Revenue driver record check, completion of the Missouri Driver Risk Inventory (DRI-II), and an individualized interview. The results of the screening will determine the appropriate level of SATOP placement program that you must complete.

There are various levels of SATOP that you may be required to complete. The levels of SATOP range from an “offender education program” offered to many first time DWI offenders up to “clinical intervention program” designed for repeat offenders or “high risk” offenders.

It is important that no matter what program you have been assigned to that you complete the course in a timely manner. Course completion is often a requirement of probation, and failure to complete the course will result in a probation violation. Additionally, in many cases, SATOP must be completed in order for a person to be reinstated to drive.