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Possible Changes to Missouri Probation System

Changes on the Horizon for the Missouri Probation System?

A special task force has been created to examine and evaluate the current Missouri probation and parole system and to make recommendations for possible changes that may be necessary. A Missouri House Committee will examine the changes, which could save the state millions of dollars.

If the changes are adopted, it could save the state an estimated $7.7 million to $16.6 million over five years while reducing the prison population by 245 to 677 inmates. Some of the money saved will be put back into other areas of the criminal justice system, such as jail and prison upgrades and renovations.

The special task force has made six recommendations, which include allowing individuals who are probation and parole to have their supervision period reduced by 30 days for every 30 days that they comply with their requirements; allow probation and parole officers to enforce 48 hour jail time for violations; establish a 120-day “shock” incarceration when probation is revoked for technical violations that do not involve a new arrest or conviction; approve legislation emphasizing the right of restitution for crime victims; and revise the state’s criminal code.

The special task force also found that most people who are sent to prison in Missouri are there as a result of committing a probation or parole violation.

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