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Should I Talk to the Police?

If I am a Suspect and the Police Want to Speak With Me, Should I Talk With Them?

While most individuals know they have a right to decline an interview request or refuse to discuss anything with police officers, many individuals fail to exercise that right. Many people believe that if they refuse to speak with a police officer or detective, they will “look guilty.” Others are just too fearful to say no to police officers or investigators when asked to come to the police station for a “quick chat.” Others believe that they can talk their way out of it. Some people are actually innocent of any criminal wrongdoing and believe that if they just tell their “side of the story,” they will be cleared. Typically, when a suspect speaks with a police officer or detective, they are making a big mistake, even if they are absolutely innocent of any wrongdoing.

Detectives and investigators are trained professionals and know how to elicit confessions and other incriminating statements from a suspect. Police officers and detectives often lie when they are interrogating you. They lie about evidence against you. It is an accepted interrogation technique to lie to you and to present false evidence.

If you are innocent, it is just as important not to answer any questions from a detective or investigator. Generally speaking, if you are innocent, making statements or answering questions will not have any real benefit to you, but rather will have an adverse impact on you.

It is critical to speak with a St. Louis criminal defense attorney before talking with a Missouri police officer. At Henderson & Waterkotte, P.C., we can advise you of your rights and be present with you at the police station when detectives are asking you questions. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer free consultations.