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3 Myths About a Missouri DWI

3 Myths About a Missouri DWI charge

Myth #1 – DWI cases can’t be won

This myth is not only troubling, but it’s absolutely dead wrong. There are a number of ways to win a DWI case. Perhaps the most often used method to attack the prosecutor’s DWI case against you is to undermine the arresting police officer’s observations and opinions. Typically, a DWI case is based entirely on the subjectivity of a police officer’s opinions. Many police officers often fail to administer and score the field sobriety test correctly. Many officers simply rush to judgment and allow a few signs of impairment overcome many signs of sobriety. Police officers have even been known to incorrectly work the breath test machine. Despite the common perception that a DWI can’t be won, there are several ways to defeat a DWI charge.

Myth #2 – A first-time DWI charge is a minor offense

Missouri, like states all across the country, are no longer dealing with first-time DWI offenders the same way as they once did. Even a first-time DWI offender faces the prospect of spending some time in jail. The days of showing up to court, taking a class, and paying a fine are long gone. As a result, it is more important than ever to seek out a skilled and experienced DWI lawyer if you have been charged with DWI in Missouri or Illinois.

Myth #3 – Most people charged with DWI are guilty

Although this sentiment is widely believed by many individuals, it is simply incorrect. Studies all across the country contradict this statement. Numerous studies have shown that individuals frequently fail a field sobriety test even when they have no alcohol in their system. Field sobriety tests are often very difficult to perform for many individuals. Furthermore, breath test machines are not error proof either. Like most other machines, breath test machines are susceptible to malfunctions and false readings. As a result, it is not uncommon for law abiding drivers to be arrested for DWI due to a simple traffic violation such as speeding or swerving.