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Felony Resisting by Fleeing

Probation; No Jail Time

Henderson & Watetkotte, P.C. represented a Wood River, Illinois man on one count of felony resisting arrest by fleeing in St. Louis County Circuit Court. The state alleged that our client was the getaway driver for another individual during an armed robbery of a North County gas station and then led the police on a high-speed chase for 15+ miles into Illinois. We were able to persuade the state to not file a robbery 1st degree charge against our client. Ultimately, the state offered our client, a three-time convicted felon, a plea deal of four years in prison on the felony resisting charge. We rejected the plea deal and instead opted for a blind plea, which means the state and the defense counsel can ask for and argue to the judge what sentence they believe is appropriate for the defendant. The state argued for four years in DOC and we argued for probation. The judge agreed with us and granted our client probation.

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