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February 16, 2017

Felony Murder in Missouri

What is Felony Murder? In Missouri, an individual can be charged with murder in the second degree without actually killing another person.  Under Missouri statutes, if an individual commits or… Read More

In Missouri, a criminal case can end three different ways. By plea, trial, or dismissal. If you are subject to sentencing by a judge, there are several different sentencing factors… Read More

Closing Arguments: Painkiller Epidemic & Death Penalty In this episode, H|W attorneys discuss the newly enacted measures in Missouri to prevent the painkiller epidemic and also discuss capital punishment and… Read More

February 8, 2017

Trial or Plea?

The Choice of Trial or Plea? One of the most critical questions in any criminal case is the choice of accepting a plea deal or proceeding to a trial.  At… Read More

Law Enforcement Identification Procedures: The eyewitness identification of the accused is frequently a critical piece of evidence for law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.  Identifications are usually in the form of… Read More

The term “Special Victim” in the Missouri Criminal Code: As discussed in recent blog posts, Missouri has revamped its criminal code. Some of the main crimes that were amended were… Read More

H|W Attorneys Talk News and Criminal Law on New Podcast                   In this episode H|W attorneys, Mick Henderson and Steve Waterkotte, give… Read More

What is a Hate Crime Offense in Missouri? Hate crime offenses are relatively new and have been enacted in many states at the urging of legislators.  In the state of… Read More

Missouri Criminal Diversion Programs A criminal diversion of a charge is a way of keeping a criminal conviction off your record.  For example, someone charged with a criminal offense may be… Read More

Are you facing a criminal charge in Jefferson County, Missouri? Do you need a Jefferson County criminal defense lawyer? Hillsboro is the county seat for Jefferson County. Jefferson County is… Read More

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