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Prosecution of Cyberbullying in Missouri Cyberbullying in Missouri is basically when someone takes repeated action in order to control another person. With the widespread use of the Internet in the… Read More

Can I Get an MIP Without Actual Possession? In the state of Missouri an individual can be given a citation for Minor in Possession of alcohol without actually possessing an… Read More

Can a Police Officer Use Force When Arresting Me? According to Missouri law, police officers may use reasonable force when making an arrest, but only such force as may be… Read More

Detention of an Alleged Shoplifter Missouri has specific statute that allows for a business to detain an individual who it alleges has wrongfully taken merchandise or money. According to section… Read More

Charge of Trespass During a Protest Often a charge of trespass is the result of individuals protesting a business. Further, it is typically charged as a misdemeanor unless one of… Read More

Can the Police Search My Car After I am Arrested? In a recent case decided by the United States Supreme Court, it has ruled that the police may conduct a… Read More

Increased Traffic and DWI Enforcement During Holiday Season The St. Louis County Police Department recently released a statement informing citizens that it will be increasing its DWI enforcement efforts to… Read More

December 1, 2010

Missouri Open Container Laws

Missouri Open Container Laws Whether or not Missouri has an open container law is often a subject of debate. The correct answer is that the state of Missouri does have… Read More

How to Avoid a DWI Arrest and Conviction Needless to say, the easiest way to avoid a DWI is by simply not driving a vehicle after having consumed alcoholic beverages…. Read More

Old Traffic Tickets, Bench Warrants, & DWS Charges Bench warrants are typically the result of underlying traffic matters that were not properly addressed. An individual may receive multiple traffic violations… Read More

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